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Roof Repairs in Central and North Alabama

At Patch Adams Roofing and Chimney, we specialize in residential roof repairs and chimney services in the Birmingham and Huntsville metro areas.  Our expert repair specialists are dedicated to solving your roofing and chimney problems quickly and with the highest standards of quality.
Roof, Roof Repairs in Gardendale, AL

Storm Damage Inspection
Before making repairs, we will assess your roof for storm damage. If our expert identifies wind or hail damage that would qualify for insurance replacement, you may get a new roof for free! Any repair costs to stop leaks will be applied towards your deductible once approved by your insurance company.

Shingle Replacement
Missing shingles not only degrades the look of your home, but they also make it susceptible to leaks. We do our best to match the shingle color by utilizing various manufacturers. In those cases where the shingles have been weathered and faded and can't be matched exactly, we move shingles from other areas of the roof to match. 

The new shingles will be placed in areas not easily visible from the front of the home. You can revitalize your roof with brand new shingles for as low as $99.

Vent Pipe Leak Repairs
This is the most common cause for roof leaks. Most roofing companies utilize pipe jack boots that have a life of only 8 to 12 years. These have a tendency to crack and break and allow water to seep in, causing water marks on your ceiling.  We can either seal these boots or completely replace these vent pipe boots with lead jackets that will last longer than the life of your roof.

Total Roof Replacement
Our roofers have over 20 years experience and our focus is quality. We only use the best materials in the business, and the salesperson you talked to on the phone will stay on site until the job is complete.  This helps with communication throughout the entire process.
Once the job is complete, the final payment will not be collected until you are 100% satisfied with the job. We back our work with a warranty and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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